4WD Owning: Create a Functional Lounge Area with a 4×4 Vehicle Awning

Owning a four-wheel drive and camping go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re passionate about driving around rough terrain, you will also be very passionate about relaxing and spending time in nature. For many four-wheel drive owners nothing beats a warm and sunny day spent surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the great Australian outdoors. And what better way to make the most out of your nature trips than with some practical camping accessories for 4×4 vehicles.

4X4 Vehicle Awnings

When it comes to camping with a vehicle, comfortable accommodation is key to having an enjoyable and relaxing experience. One of the best methods you can transform a campsite into a functional living space is by attaching an awning to your vehicle. Quality 4×4 vehicle awnings are one of the most sought after accessory by 4×4 owners due to being incredibly practical and easy to carry around.

4×4 vehicle awnings are foldable covers that are easily attached on your vehicle’s roof rack or roof bar. Simply park your 4×4 at the trailside, drop down the awning, and within a few minutes you’ll be chilling on a comfy chair or mattress, sheltered from the elements. With an awning you’ll always have a nice shady spot to relax even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Not only is installing an awning easier than lugging around a portable shelter with poles and stakes, it can also be less burdensome on your wallet.

But what kind of awning should you choose? Most awnings are freestanding and supported by two poles, but thanks to innovation some don’t even need support poles to prop them up. You also get to choose between open-sided or enclosed 4×4 vehicle awnings depending on the level of privacy you’re after. If you’re merely looking for shade than an open-sided awning is a good option that is generally more affordable. However if you’re looking for more privacy and shelter, an enclosed awning will be much like adding an outside room to your vehicle.

When mounting an awning, it’s best that you do so on the passenger’s side or the back. This way, your portable lounge area will face away from the road when you decide to pull over for a break. When choosing an awning you should pay attention to its proportions. In no way should the awning be much wider than the rack or bar it’s attached to because it could weigh down and break under pressure. Also remember that your awning is not a tent and should never be treated as such. If bad weather is on the rise, you should remove the awning. It can usually withstand light rain, but take care to drain any excess water that might accumulate on top.