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Mixer Case Rack: The Ideal Protection for DJ’s Equipment

Being a DJ, or any kind of musician for that matter, is possibly one of the best professions in the world. You get to play the music you enjoy in front of a crowd of people all the time and you get payed for doing that. But being a DJ is definitely not an easy

Pelican Storm Case: The Ideal Protection for Valuable Equipment

When you need to store or transport valuable sensitive equipment, you need a tough case that has been engineered to withstand all kinds of abuse and that is literally able to survive a hurricane, but it also needs to be light-weight and easy to carry around. This means that the ideal case should have a

Music Instrument Cases – Learn How To Choose The Ideal One

What are the best music instrument cases? There’s no simple answer; shopping for music instrument cases can be an intimidating task, mainly because there is a pyramid of options available, from basic cases that are less pricey to truly awesome pieces of art costing a fortune. In order to decide which music instrument case is