Cellular Blinds: The Ideal Window Treatment for Energy Efficiency

Looking for a simple way to make your home more energy efficient? Have you considered cellular blinds? Also called honeycomb shade, cellular blind is a type of window treatment fabricated with layers of air pockets (in the shape of honeycombs) that have the power to insulate against heat and cold, making it the ideal window treatment for superior energy efficiency and cost savings. It’s safe to say that once again, we humans are drawing inspiration from natural structures such as the honeycomb as to create something that simplifies our lives.Cellular Blind

Regarding the number of honeycombs cells and size of the pleats, it’s important to mention that this is what determines how much insulation the blinds can provide. The more cells there are, the better the insulation. Layers with double cell generally insulate better than layers with single cell, and larger pleats provide more insulation than smaller ones.

Aside from being energy efficient, cellular blind is also almost imperceptible when fully raised. Because cellular shades compress to only a few centimeters when raised, your view remains clear and unobstructed – a great feature if you would prefer not to have a window covering at all during the day but need privacy at night.

Cellular blinds also have a great ability to provide complete privacy and light control. Generally, all cellular blinds offer a 100% privacy, but some let light in and some don’t. Blinds that are light filtering provide complete privacy while still allowing natural light to enter as well, without compromising insulation. Room darkening blinds are ideal when you want additional light blockage in rooms such as media rooms, nurseries, or other bedrooms.

Another great benefit of these blinds is that they comes in a variety of styles and designs, so you don’t have to compromise beauty for functionality. With cellular blind, you have a variety of colours to choose from to match your overall décor. And because this blind is becoming more and more common, they are also becoming more affordable. There are cellular blinds to fit different budgets as well as different needs.

Easy to maintain is another benefit of this blind. This window treatment can be cleaned by regular dusting or gentle vacuuming and machine wash or hand wash may be allowed for a total spring cleaning.

So, if you are looking for a window treatment that has it all – from saving you money and maintenance time to offering effective light control, improved view and great insulation, cellular blind is a choice for you to consider.