Enjoy the Ideal Cinematic Experience with the Right Home Theatre Seating

You know what I hate about going to the film theatre? – Having to sit in the front row because the rest of the venue is already sold out. It would have been fine if you are a giraffe, but with our frail, tiny necks this just doesn’t feel comfortable. Now imagine sitting through a whole Lord of the Rings instalment in that position. Literal torture.

Without a doubt, the seating comfort and viewing angle are an important part of the whole cinematic experience. If you don’t feel comfortable, the film is going to be spoiled for you from the start. But unlike packed film theatres, having your own home theatre allows you to enjoy the big screen in the comfort of your own home, and most importantly in the comfort of your own seat. If you have a sufficiently large room, all you need to do is soundproof it and install an impressively large screen, a killer surround sound system at each corner, and comfortable seating for every one. Voilà, there is your home theatre!

Home Theatre Seating Furniture

Taking care of the technical installation part (screen and speakers) is best left to experienced professionals, but choosing the right home theatre seating furniture is something everyone can do. However, that doesn’t mean simply dragging in the chairs from your dining room whenever you’re having friends over for a film night. Not when there are so many seating options tailored for supreme home theatre comfort and enjoyment – from genuine theatre row to couches, recliners, and love seats. Since most films last for about two hours, your choice should eventually come down not to what looks best, but what feels most comfortable.

Before you actually choose the seating, measure how much space you have on disposal and try to come up with a layout plan. Having a proper arrangement of seats will maximise both the visual and audio experience. Generally, it’s recommended that the seats are at least 1.5 meters away from the speakers and at least 2.5 meters from the screen. Are you going to include a single row or multiple rows of seats? For multiple rows, you should consider installing a platform to raise the back rows for a better, unobstructed view.

Home theatre seating furniture is available with many premium features such as built-in cup-holders, storage compartments for remotes, smartphones and what not, bowls for snacks and many other amenities. Since we already established that there’s no worse feeling than straining your neck through a long film, a power reclining option is highly-recommended for home theatre seats. This way you’re free to adjust the seat for optimal viewing comfort. As you work out the details of your seating, don’t forget to take into account your budget. You don’t want to blow most of your money on seats before you have your audio-visual components installed.