How to choose the ideal hair straightener

hair straightening

The trick to having smooth, shiny and straight hair is to use hair straighteners. Also known as flat irons, these hair styling gadgets use heat for hair straightening. Regardless of whether you have curly, wavy, thick or thin hair, hair straightener will flatten your hair better and faster than doing so with a hair brush and a blow dryer. But as practical as these gadgets are, they can damage your hair if not handled properly. Of course, it is imperative to choose the best flat iron for your hair type.

Buy high quality hair straightening iron – Invest in a flat iron that will last up to 10 years. The ones which feature ceramic plates are the best. The reason these type of flat irons are good is because heat is equally distributed and your hair will not be damaged. They’re very good at reducing frizz and evenly smooth hair. Nowadays, you can choose between ceramic coating, ceramic plates or tourmaline plates.

Consider your hair texture – Thick and long hair requires higher temperature flat irons, while thin hair can be damaged by such high heat. Therefore, if you have thin hair, find a flat iron (ex. Digital flat iron) which lets you choose the desired temperature in order not to damage your hair.

Choose the right size – Hair straighteners are available in many sizes and widths. The small and thin flat irons are perfect for short hair and for styling bangs. They are also very practical and are perfect for women on the go. Get yourself larger straightener with wider plates if you have long thick hair.

Buy according to your hair type – If you have curly hair, buy a hair straightener which features a “comb” or steam holes to help tame the unruly hair easier. The battery powered flat irons are perfect for those who travel and the instant hair straighteners are ideal for people who do not have as much time for getting ready in the morning.

These are the main things you have to know when choosing your perfect flat iron. To minimize damaging effects of flat iron, before each use apply some sort of heat protector to your hair. This will make your hair smoother and softer. If you however have hard time dealing with your natural curls, visit professional hair straightening in Melbourne which can assist you. Find your best hair salon in Melbourne and flaunt your new hair style.

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