How To Ensure Your Next Caravanning Escape Is Ideal and Enjoyable

I am the happiest when it’s my turn to plan what we’re going to do the upcoming weekend. Not just because it’s such a pleasure for me to organize it, but because it’s a piece of cake – unlike for my wife, who stresses about tickets, clothing, company, reservations and all these kind of stuff. However, we need to have diversity in our plans for our much appreciated and loved weekends, otherwise we’d go crazy and become one of those couples who are stuck in their comfort zones.

I inherited my dad’s old caravan, and after a few check ups and fixes, I restored his old glory. Now I’m eager to try it out, but first I need to actually turn it into an actual motor-home with all the accompanying campervan accessories. Although we hate routine, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to be comfortable while traveling. So it’s natural that my wife said she won’t even think about going on a roadtrip until I fully equipped the campervan. What can I say, she loves the good life and I love her. So, I had to make sure she enjoys the experience, so I took matters in my hands.

Caravanning Escape

Although many people would think that equipping a caravan is a procedure that requires some kind of special knowledge, in reality, it is actually very easy. The point is not to occupy yourself with getting all kinds of stuff, just go with the necessities. After all, the point is to experience a new way of life, right?

First, make sure the caravan is completely functional

This refers to inspecting whether your caravan has all the plumbing properly installed, whether electricity and batteries are charged and taken care of, and similar. You don’t want to leave your home and end up in the middle of nowhere not having where to “go” and wash your hands, do you? So, basic living convenience is of the utmost importance.

Next, get the accessories

Accessories will give only goodness to your camping trip – they make it all easier and better. From the vast palette of campervan accessories, choose those that will most likely serve your trip. For me, the most important were the proper privacy shade and the barbecue kit. It was a recreational/romantic getaway with my wife, so things like wine glasses and bottle coolers were also important.

Finally, go to the right place

What matters most when choosing the right campervan accessories, is to remember where to look for them. Of course you’re not going to enter in the most expensive store that sells china and porcelain, but you should look for a specialized store that sells campervan equipment. That way you won’t go wrong, and your wife won’t have an argument against the looks and quality of the things you bought because she simply won’t be right!