How To Choose the Ideal Window Blinds for Your Home

There are a few elements that have the power to define the whole atmosphere in a room and those are the lighting fixtures, the seating, the rug, and last but not least, the blinds. The blinds can be often overlooked as a design element due to their highly practical nature. Nevertheless, window blinds have a significant impact on how a room looks and feels. To endow your interior design with beauty and grace, you’ll need to ponder about the overwhelming variety of window blinds. Whether you decide upon Venetians, honeycombs or roller blinds, there are a few things you should consider in order to get the ideal window treatment that will be functional as well as stunning.

Window Blinds

Measure for the Perfect Look

If you have an obsessive compulsive disorder regarding the state of your house, it will bother you if something looks out of place. Now imagine ordering beautiful, expensive blinds only to notice a gap between them and the windows after they are installed. Living with such an abomination is literal torture. When window blinds are concerned, there should be no room for error. Fortunately, there’s always the option to order custom window blinds according to your own measurements. This way you get to measure the windows as many times as you want, just to get a peace of mind that you’re ordering the ideal dimensions.

Choose Your Own Design

When you go for a ready-made model, there won’t be much ways to exercise your creativity. On the other hand, when you choose custom window blinds you’re given the freedom to pick out any colour and any texture you want. But be careful when choosing the design of your blinds, after all, you want people to be blinded by beauty and not by an eye sore. A good way to determine whether you’ve made the right pick is to bring home a sample of your desired colour and check how it matches the window pane as well as the walls and seating furniture. Depending on your interior design, you can choose the crispy clean beauty of white, a subtler shade, or something a bit bolder which will make your blinds pop.

Explore Materials

The same as with colour, the style of your room should also dictate the material of your blinds. If your interior is dominated by vintage element, classic wooden blinds are a great option for you. Wooden blinds and shutters have a traditional charm that’s hard to imitate by modern, aluminium alternatives. However, consider that wood can start to warp when exposed to moisture, which means wooden blinds are not the best choice for an outside mount or in rooms with high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Of course, you also have the more modern pieces such as plastic shutters or aluminium Venetians, which can beautifully complement a sleek, contemporary interior. These blinds are very low maintenance and do not get damaged by the sun or moisture.