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mail house

Since the expansion of marketing in the business world , CEO’s and marketing managers are constantly looking for ways to increase income and create a greater customer base. Direct or indirect marketing has always contributed to these goals. Today, marketing is making a slow change in the field of its operation as most companies seek a low cost way and thus use Internet marketing. Though this has proved to be quite effective for some companies, previous marketing instruments cannot be forgotten. For instance, direct mail marketing cannot be easily replaced by modern e-mail marketing over a night. It is agreed upon that e-mail is a lot faster and cheaper, but no matter how similar these techniques are, direct mail will always have it’s special benefits. Here, we will explain why using mail house advertising is good for your business.

One thing that makes mail house marketing better than e-mail is the reliability of mailing lists. Once you determine your target audience you need to create your mailing lists. There are many web sites that offer lists that they claim to be best suited to your marketing strategy. This seems too easy to be true. And it is. Most online mailing lists have lower credibility in terms of new customer conversion. The reason behind this is that users don’t provide true information about their accounts online. On the other hand, lists from mail house hold trustworthy information on customers you are interested in. There are even marketing agencies that go deeper and analyze targeted audience to create even better mailing lists for sale. In other terms, direct mail marketing can conduct much more effective target marketing than e-mail marketing.

Receptivity of marketing massage is experienced differently in both cases. Through direct mail marketing, people are more likely to read the entire article and decide on the offer. E-mail marketing, however, has expanded so much that most promotional mails are not even opened, let alone read. While most new companies are thrilled by low cost marketing techniques, the competition in direct mail marketing service is getting lower due to migration of companies to internet marketing. Smart marketeers will see this opportunity and find money to invest in mail marketing.

Using mail house services to advertise your products is very effective, but it has it’s downsides. For starters, it is more expensive than the alternative e-mail solution. However mail houses offer special prices for large bulk mail deliveries that can lure companies. In conclusion, no matter which marketing method you choose, it is important that it fits the whole marketing strategy of your business.

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