The Ideal Way To Stay Protected When Skateboarding

Unfortunately, most people learn important lessons the hard way and when it comes to unfortunate events that occur while practicing extreme sports, that lesson can be fatal. Extreme sports, such as skateboarding, come with a high level of thrill and entertainment, so the risk factor of getting injured is also pretty high. However, it’s a common occurrence for experienced skateboarders to ignore the fact that the skateboard protective gear is needed at all times and this ignorance leads to more than ten thousand injuries per year caused solely by skateboarding.

Skateboard Protective Gear 1

That’s why there are many concerned parents who don’t want their children to practice this sport even though it provides many benefits, especially to a child’s development such as increased balance, agility, coordination and reaction time. So what can we change to finally wipe off this terrible misconception about such a unique sport?

Although this is a timeless advice that we’ve heard so many times, it’s worth mentioning over and over again: wearing quality skateboard protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads or gloves, lowers the chance of getting severely injured while skateboarding. Skateboarding is all about keeping balance and when you fail to do so, gravity’s embrace awaits and usually there’s nothing you can do about it. However, if you prepare yourself properly before a ride, falling might not be a problem anymore.

Also, make sure you wear the proper shoes whenever you step foot on the skateboard. Exclude anything that is not close-toed such as slippers or sandals and pay close attention to the quality of the material of the shoes you choose to skateboard with. Specialized skateboarding shops normally sell skate shoes, so they are the best place where pros can help you make the right decision.

If you’re somewhat new to skateboarding, equipping yourself to the max is of utmost importance. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Council, about a third of the total skateboarding injuries happens to those into skateboarding for less than a week. Therefore learning proper techniques, practicing safely and in a smooth and safe environment, learning how to skateboard will be quick, painless and easy. Although there is no such thing as a magical solution that guarantees 100% skateboarding safety, following these recommendations and always keeping in mind to play it safe until completely mastering it can decrease the chances of getting hurt or worse – ending up in an emergency room.