Spearfishing – The Ideal Way to Get Hip, Healthy & Fit


If you are anything like me and you like to know the origin of things, you might have heard or dug up the info that spearfishing is in fact an ancient way of bringing home a juicy piece of omega 3 enriched meal. Today, however, apart from a way to fill the tummy the healthy way, spearfishing is considered an exciting sport, appealing to many people with adventurous spirit that won’t settle for a trip to the supermarket and the gym, but combine getting one’s own food with getting fit and getting some fun out of it.

As opposed to fishing with a rod, this sport can get you moving and help you build your body while building a community on your own through the use of social media, for instance, or by inviting your friends on your next underwater trip. It’s a much more active hobby that engages the whole body unlike settling for being a line watcher. Both types of fishing can result in bringing home a catch, but only one of the two is coming home with abs (chuckles).

Gear wise, apart from the obvious requirements for when going underwater (fins, mask, snorkel, float, flag and float line), you’ll also need to get the following spearfishing gear for sale available: a speargun, a knife, socks and gloves. So, finding a reputable online store that has all of the aforementioned spearfishing gear for sale is the first step.

It’s important to mention that spear guns have evolved far beyond the times of wooden, hand-made ones. They are now made to be impact resistant with aircraft grade aluminium barrel. Apart form a gun, you’ll also need to get a knife and you may wonder why. Well, once you spear the fish, there’s 90% it’s still alive, so you’ll need to finish the job with a knife. Apart from remaining alive after the act of spearing, there’s also one more issue you need to address – fish are slippery and have spines, spikes and sharp teeth. This results in them being hard to grab and a bit dangerous when still fighting for their lives. For this purpose, you’ll need to get a pair of specialized gloves.

There’s no doubt spearfishing can be an all in one experience for all of you adrenaline seekers out there. And thanks to the global sharing options, you might even become one of the famous adventurers that inspire others.