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The athletic apparel market in Australia has shown us a persistent trajectory or growth over the last couple of years. Ranging from everything including athletic wear, sports nutrition to sporting goods and equipment. This is said to be from the stable jobs, increasing wages and growing interest when it comes to leading a healthier, active lifestyle. As well as social media and marketing influencing consumers to purchase more athletic apparel to reach their health and fitness goals.

In a quick summary both the retail and online front of this industry with online growing a massive 22.6% and retail not coming up too far behind at 14.6% increases. As far as value and revenue goes, the online section of this industry has grossed 71 million dollars so far and the retail section grossing a whopping 2 billion Australian dollars. The online sector has also provided a total of 6,792 jobs to Australians with this number only expected to grow as online shopping becomes more and more popular.

Both of these industries seem to have promising futures with online expected to rise another 14.6% and retail rising 8.8% and is only expected to rise another 5.0% with each year into the foreseeable future. This industry is only set to expand and grow with technology getting easier and faster for consumers to get what they want and trends coming and going. The reach of this industry has grown worldwide and is only expected to expand into more and more countries with consumers buying athletic wear, sports nutrition and sporting goods from all over the world.

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When it comes to biking, one can’t overlook the role BMX has played for decades. The fact it appeared as the merge of biking, and motocross, just shows how great it is in the freedom it provides with biking and all the tricks and turns a biker can do, whether it’s conquering pavements and biking

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Yes, I’m aware the fishing world is mostly a men’s world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those of us women who enjoy this pastime activity same way, with the same enthusiasm, like the women getting all the praises and attention fishing in bikinis .

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If you are anything like me and you like to know the origin of things, you might have heard or dug up the info that spearfishing is in fact an ancient way of bringing home a juicy piece of omega 3 enriched meal. Today, however, apart from a way to fill the tummy the healthy

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If you asked a doctor 10 years ago about protein and testosterone supplements, they’d probably have given you a very negative response – “They’re bad for you”, or “They’ll shrink your grapes and make you infertile”. However, since a lot of time and effort was put into the research, nowadays it’s safe to say that

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Unfortunately, most people learn important lessons the hard way and when it comes to unfortunate events that occur while practicing extreme sports, that lesson can be fatal. Extreme sports, such as skateboarding, come with a high level of thrill and entertainment, so the risk factor of getting injured is also pretty high. However, it’s a

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One of the most essential pieces for people who enjoy trimming and butchering the meat they plan on eating, are boning knives. For people who love fishing and preparing meals for their families, there are fillet knives. While both types do the same thing more or less, they’re not the same. Flexible boning knives are

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We all love drinking delicious protein-rich smoothies, don’t we? They aid weight loss, keep us full, they are super healthy, easy to make, and mouth-watering delicious. Their ease of making is especially worshipped in the morning rush hour when we all want to sleep as late as possible but also prepare a healthy breakfast to

What Makes Mountain Biking Ideal for Any Adventurous Soul?

Over the last several years, mountain biking has remained a very popular recreational activity which has been practiced by tens of millions of Australians. As health concerns such as heart diseases, obesity and diabetes are on the rise, outdoor physical activities are more than essential for our well being. One such exciting and fun way