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How To Choose the Ideal Window Blinds for Your Home

There are a few elements that have the power to define the whole atmosphere in a room and those are the lighting fixtures, the seating, the rug, and last but not least, the blinds. The blinds can be often overlooked as a design element due to their highly practical nature. Nevertheless, window blinds have a

Cellular Blinds: The Ideal Window Treatment for Energy Efficiency

Looking for a simple way to make your home more energy efficient? Have you considered cellular blinds? Also called honeycomb shade, cellular blind is a type of window treatment fabricated with layers of air pockets (in the shape of honeycombs) that have the power to insulate against heat and cold, making it the ideal window

Anything But Common: Here’s Why Visionwood Venetians Are Ideal for Practically Every Room

Today, choosing a window covering option for one’s home can be a really difficult task as there are many beautiful window treatments available on the market. However, wise individuals would never opt for a window covering option solely because it is aesthetically pleasing. In order to steal their attention, it needs to offer much more.

Vertical Blinds: the Most Ideal Window Treatment One Can Find

Many people underestimate the importance of quality windows treatments. Blinds are something that we don’t put much thought into even though they are quite important. They protect the interior from the negative impact the sun rays can have on it. Furthermore, they can significantly reduce the monthly cost of electricity. This is due to the

The Origin of Venetian Blinds: The Ideal Window Treatment

When choosing a window treatment you should carefully consider your options since it will have a great effect on the beauty and comfort of your home. One of the most elegant and versatile solutions for your windows are certainly venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are a classical window treatment that has been around for quite some

Curtains: The Ideal Window Treatment that Combines Functionality and Décor

Perhaps you enjoy spending time in creative tasks and when you see all the brainstorming in action, you get even more of a creative spark. Along with all the different drawing, painting and writing activities, you could use your ideas and reflect them in your home, because what could be better than letting your imagination

Roman Blinds: The Just-Right Window Coverings

As a hipster that has an apartment with unpainted brick walls, furniture pieces all different but perfectly connected with a stylish cohesion and a lot of famous quotes in various types of frames hanging on the walls, choosing the right window covers was something that troubled me a lot. You see, you can’t just go