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Which Features Make the Ideal Multi-Tool?

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, or the “fixer” among your group of friends and family, then you probably realize how difficult it is to fix things without having the right tool at hand. Having a shed of tools in your truck wherever you go is nice and all, but there’s a much more convenient alternative

Fishing Show Bloopers: The Ideal Way to Enhance Your Fishing Skills

Yes, I’m aware the fishing world is mostly a men’s world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those of us women who enjoy this pastime activity same way, with the same enthusiasm, like the women getting all the praises and attention fishing in bikinis .

Spearfishing – The Ideal Way to Get Hip, Healthy & Fit

If you are anything like me and you like to know the origin of things, you might have heard or dug up the info that spearfishing is in fact an ancient way of bringing home a juicy piece of omega 3 enriched meal. Today, however, apart from a way to fill the tummy the healthy

Here’s Your Guide to the Ideal Fishing Knife

One of the most essential pieces for people who enjoy trimming and butchering the meat they plan on eating, are boning knives. For people who love fishing and preparing meals for their families, there are fillet knives. While both types do the same thing more or less, they’re not the same. Flexible boning knives are

Fishing Predatorception: Hunting the Hunters of the Sea Is Badass Indeed

I am a Tasmanian devil and I’m all about that bass. Although I do prefer to devour my trophy size catches, bass fish are not exactly among my top 10 dishes. But just as some wise man once said, “you could batter and fry a dish rag and it would taste OK,” I have the

Shimano Overhead Reels Are Ideal for Targeting Large or Small Species

Shimano is known to cater to every fishing need you can imagine so it should come as no surprise that their range of overhead reels only includes the best. An overhead reel from Shimano is known for its casting capability, its retrieval speed, line capacity, as well as just being versatile all around. Their reels

The Ideal Surf Fishing Tackle

Don’t you just love the peace and calmness that surrounds you every time you go on a fishing trip? It is one of the most popular summer activities which Aussies of all ages enjoy. Whether you are alone or at the beach with friends or family, it is a fun activity which enables you to

Shimano CM-1000 – The Ideal Sports Camera for Every Adventurer

Shimano is the world’s most popular manufacturer of cycling, fishing and rowing equipment and components. The world-known Japanese manufacturer has been expending its business over the years and explored diverse sectors. Recently, Shimano has entered the sport camera market with an incredible technology, the new CM-1000 Sport Camera. Continuing Shimano’s legacy of quality and innovation,