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Here’s Your Guide to the Ideal Fishing Knife

One of the most essential pieces for people who enjoy trimming and butchering the meat they plan on eating, are boning knives. For people who love fishing and preparing meals for their families, there are fillet knives. While both types do the same thing more or less, they’re not the same. Flexible boning knives are

Fishing Predatorception: Hunting the Hunters of the Sea Is Badass Indeed

I am a Tasmanian devil and I’m all about that bass. Although I do prefer to devour my trophy size catches, bass fish are not exactly among my top 10 dishes. But just as some wise man once said, “you could batter and fry a dish rag and it would taste OK,” I have the

The Ideal Way to Safe and Sound Motorcycle Adventures Is Maintenance

There’s nothing that beats the feeling riding the motorcycle gives simply because it’s a liberating activity, there’s just you with your motorcycle and the road. If you’re up for a zen-like state of mind and a unique experience every time, this is the hobby you should definitely try. No matter whether you decide to go

Motorcycle Adventures and Rock ‘n’ Roll Are Some of Life’s Ideals

Ah, adventures and speed, motorcycles and rock ‘n’ roll. I really can’t talk about one without referring to the other, simply because a motorcycle changes you same way rock ‘n’ roll does. It’s said you can’t exactly explain a certain feeling once you try to put it in words and that’s what happens when I

Rock Climbing Rope: The Ideal Piece of Climbing Equipment for a Safe Experience

How many times have you been amazed by art, only to find it even more beautiful in nature? As the saying goes “All art is imitation of nature” and it is no surprise spending time wondering at the natural beauties can be relaxing. All that sense of wonder can easily be tempting to make one

Shimano Overhead Reels Are Ideal for Targeting Large or Small Species

Shimano is known to cater to every fishing need you can imagine so it should come as no surprise that their range of overhead reels only includes the best. An overhead reel from Shimano is known for its casting capability, its retrieval speed, line capacity, as well as just being versatile all around. Their reels