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Stemless Wine Glass: A Drinking Vessel For Every Occasion

Wine glasses have have always been a hot topic for wannabe wine nerds and genuine wine connoisseurs and wine lovers alike. There have been many discussions about how the materials and the shape of the glass affect the taste and the overall wine drinking experience, and though many people try to impose what’s right or

Ways to Find Great Cheap Wines

If you enjoy a glass of wine after work, you know that buying a bottle of wine under $10 can oftentimes feel like a real gamble. It’s true that it doesn’t hurt your wallet, but it can surely offend your taste buds and even cause a bad headache. So, how does one get really great

How to Get the Ideal Wine On a Budget

For many, the image of meals (especially dinner) and gatherings cannot go well without wine. Though we may think this is only in style from the last decades, it actually began a long time ago in ancient days. Wine may have had a different texture and even lack of quality due to the different processes

Rose Wine – The Ideal Wine for Summertime

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Red Wine 101: The Ideal Serving Temperature

I think we’ve all been there where you’re super excited to try a new wine and you have been bitterly disappointed, or maybe you really liked a wine then went to drink it again and it tasted completely different. It’s probably because the most common problem is not serving the wine in the way it

The Ideal Regions for Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the most sought-after wines by consumers and wine experts alike. It is typically pale in colour and the flavours are subtle. The top notes are cranberry, cherry, and raspberry. Some of the duller notes include vanilla, clove, licorice, mushroom, wet leaves, tobacco, cola and caramel. It is a wine that

Riesling Wine – The Ideal White Wine For Every Taste

The Riesling comes from the Germany’s Rhein and Mosel river valleys. Nowadays, this type of white wine grape has a constant presence on the modern wine market. The Riesling wine can be found in both dry and sweet styles, and can be light full as well – bodied white wine. Today, the Riesling wine is enjoying

The Ideal Margaret River Wines For Special Celebrations

With so many Margaret River wines available online, it is hard to tell which one is the best. There is no such thing as a bad wine, but simply different tastes of what is good and what is excellent. The vineyards from Margaret River region produce different wines for every taste. Whether you need to

The Ideal Clare Valley Wines

Clare Valley, one of the oldest Australian wine regions, located in the Mid North of South Australia is best known for its Riesling wines. The unique combination of geology, climate and geography are ideal for producing world class wine. With five different and separate sub regions, Clare Valley is a large region of sweeping rolling

Nebbiolo Wine – The Ideal Red Wine

Nebbiolo is a type of red wine produced in northern Italy, in the region of Piedmont. The Nebbiolo name comes from the Italian word “nebbia” which means fog, a frequent phenomenon in the Piedmont region. Piedmont is the most famous wine region in Italy by its Barbaresco and Barolo wine. The wines produced in the