The Ideal African vacation


Are you looking for ideal African holidays? If you are, start prepping. But note, as is true for most long distance trips, detailed preparation is not a guarantee that surprises will not occur during your journey. In fact, this is even more relevant for African safari holidays. However, do not get discouraged about visiting Africa because what you’ll experience there is priceless and incomparable to any other adventure. To make your African safari ideal you need to start your preparations at least 2-3 months ahead. There are many safety measures you should consider before taking off. Here, we’ll try to elaborate on some of the main preparation steps you should follow in order to have an ideal African trip.


Our guess is that if you’re reading this, you probably have another tab opened for price comparison. Well, as you have probably found out on your own, prices for African holidays vary depending on your trip duration and areas you’d like to visit. Best way to find the best affordable price for you is to talk to different African safari agents or actual travelers who’ve been there. A factor that has most influence on trip prices is the actual season in which you are planning to travel. So-called ”high season” starts from July and ends in November and is more expensive than other months.


The worst thing about the media is that it can easily influence and change how large masses think. A classic example of the brain-washing capabilities of the media is Africa. For instance, most people see Africa as one country that exceeds in poverty and wars. But that is so not the case. Off course, there are dangerous areas which tourists shouldn’t visit, but most of the country is pretty much safe for traveling. Nevertheless, as you would probably do on any other trip, beware of street thieves and keep valuable items in the hotel safe.

Items required

We cannot provide you with a strict list of what you will need because different areas require different items. However, some items are a must-have when going on an African safari. If you didn’t know by know, malaria is present in most African countries. Having said this, make sure you check with your doctor about new vaccines and pills. From an adventure point of view, a quality digital camera is good to have so you can capture beautiful landscapes and wildlife you’ll encounter on your Africa holiday. Although most of the time it is sunny, Africa is also known for cold nights. So, make sure you carry different clothes for every occasion.

Like we said, preparation can be different depending on time you plan to spent there and areas you’d like to visit. The most important thing is that you start preparing as earlier as you can. This way you can double check if you packed the right stuff and you’ll be set to enter the magic world of Africa.