The Ideal Boys Pants Buying Guide


Compared to girls, boys are more active and need better quality clothes. Typically, boys pants and jeans wear out faster, which is why it is important to buy quality boys pants, preferably different types for different activities. However, many parents, in order to save, buy hand-me-downs, but end up spending more on boys pants because these wear out very quickly. Thus, it is always better to buy few pairs of quality boys pants. But which boys pants should you buy? To help you out, we came up with a simple boys pants shopping guide.

Determine Boys Pants Size – It is essential to find the right pant size. Best way to determine the size is by measuring your child’s waistline. Also, measure the inseam (the distance from your boys crotch to the middle of the heel). Keep in mind that boys pants need to be only few centimeters from the ground when worn with shoes. Some models may have adjustable waistline that will accommodate his growth.

Type – Just like for adults, there are many types of boys pants that differ according to the shape, material and occasion. In order to determine which boys pants type to buy, consider the activities your child likes the most. You can choose from:

  • Athletic – These are made from thin and lightweight material and feature loose fit and an elastic waistline.
  • Jeans – Jeans are one of the most popular types of boys pants. They are durable and best option when it comes to wear and tear. Generally, they do not stretch, thus need to fit well. You can choose between several jeans styles like straight, cargo or boot cut.
  • Dress – Boys dress pants, also known as slacks, are made from high quality materials and just like the jeans, need to fit well. They do not stretch and must be washed according to manufacturer’s specifications written on the label.
  • Snow – Snow boys pants are insulated, thick and for the most part loose fitting with an elastic waistline. They are more expensive, but a must-have for cold winter days.
  • Khaki – Khaki boys pants are very popular because they are very much alike jeans, but are more stylish. Because they usually come in light colors, they are more prone to stains.
  • Sweatpants – Sweatpants are probably the most comfortable type of boys pants made of cotton. They stretch and are lightweight and last longer.

Where To Shop For Boys Pants – All types of boys pants, branded or not, can be found at kids clothing stores, outlets and malls. Since boys outgrow their pants very fast, it is not worth to buy expensive branded boys pants. Finding higher quality boys pants sometimes is very difficult, especially if you have to go from one store to another. This is why many parents shop online from reputable online stores. They can easily compare different styles and brands without leaving home. Moreover, due to increased online competition, many retailers offer huge discount sales and promotions, so you will save more than you would from buying boys pants from a traditional store.