The Ideal Commercial Fridge for Your Restaurant or Bar

Commercial fridges are oftentimes the most used appliances in bars and restaurant kitchens. For that reason, they should be of high quality in order to keep foods and drinks at the desired temperature, and powerful enough to withstand different room conditions. These features are of the essence, as commercial fridges oftentimes contain products worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

However, every restaurant and bar has a different amount of space, and a different setting overall. With that being said, you’ll come across a few different types of fridges, all of which have different features. Understanding the differences between the types and the different benefits they offer, will definitely help you make the right choice.

Under Counter Fridges

If you’re looking for a fridge that is compact and lighter than other models, undercounter refrigerator glass door models are the best solution for you. They provide quick access to the insides of the fridge without obstructing any counter space. Undercounter refrigerator glass door models operate very silently and they’re ideal for bars that don’t have space for a conventional fridge. Most importantly, the glass door lets you see the contents in the fridge without having to open it, which should be appreciated considering it’s located under the counter and you’ll need to bend every time you need something from it.

Upright Fridges

By far the most common type of commercial fridge is the upright fridge. If you have vertical space, then it might be the ideal solution for your kitchen or bar. You can fit the slimmer models into crowded or tight spaces, and if you have room for a wider fridge – go for one as it offers more storing capacity than any other type. You can choose between glass and stainless steel door models. Glass models provide visibility, while stainless steel models provide better insulation, and thus, better energy efficiency.

Low Fridges

Low fridges are ideal for restaurants, as they can help you use your kitchen space optimally. They are also known as Chef Bases, and they’re usually just over-knee height. Low fridges are specially designed to provide chilled storage, while raising the rest of your kitchen equipment to a convenient working height. This makes them very flexible and compatible with other kitchen equipment pieces.

Additional Considerations

Regardless of which type of fridge you end up choosing, there are a couple of features and specifications you need to consider, such as: the capacity and size of the fridge, the efficiency, the climate class, the power ratings, and security.