The ideal gift for your child

Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, choosing gifts for children will force you to visit several malls and numerous stores. You never really know what to get to a child because kids are so unpredictable when it comes to taste. Sometimes the most ridiculous item can become their favorite toy and you find yourself wondering why you wasted so much money and time on expensive one. Moreover, it is even harder to buy toys for girls then it is for boys since there is a great variety and numerous categories to choose from. Toys for boys, on the other hand, come in only few categories. In this article will try to give few ideas on toys for boys and girls that will keep your child occupied for several hours.

Boys Toys


In this digital era in which books are becoming rarity among younger population, the only way of saving the treasure of reading books is by buying one as a gift for your kid at an early age. It is possible that your kid will not like the idea of reading instead of playing computer games. But you have to make it fun for him/her by making funny voices when reading and using gestures. Get one of many classics like ”The cat in the hat” and ” Charlotte’s Webb” that will keep you kid’s mind of the computer.

Interactive games

Besides the fact that the toy industry has expanded and brought thousands of new toys on the market some classic toys for boys and girls will always stay part of any kid’s childhood. Games like Ticktacktoe or Monopoly fall into this category. Carried from generation to generation, these classics may be the best fun you can offer to your children.

Game consoles

Doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid modern age games and consoles, eventually at some point, your kid will force you get a PSP or a Nintendo Wii. And as a caring parent you will fulfill his wishes. Game consoles these days are most wanted toys for boys as they offer compliance with almost every video game created. Even older games like Mario Bros and Tetris are now available and updated to work on every console. Moreover, many parents are starting to make gaming rooms in their houses and so can you. Use your imagination and create your kids their very own play centre. To enhance the gaming experience many console manufacturers offer all kinds of play centre equipment like motion sensors, steering wheels and virtual reality glasses.