The Ideal Gifts For Farmers


Holiday season is ahead of us and it is time to think about gifts. Everyone is looking forward to family dinners, decorating christmas trees and exchanging gifts, especially if you live on a farm. So, why not make this holiday extra special. Yes, there are many gift options to choose from such as a good book, small household appliance, latest music CD, fashion accessory or a tool box. But these are all ‘already seen’ gift ideas. Brainstorm on unique gift ideas for farmers, something your sibling and you can do together for your father. Why not make it a memorable Christmas gift.

Work on the farm is very hard. Being a farmer requires diligence and muscles to complete tough farming tasks. Usually, these people spend most of the day away from home growing crops, raising animals, driving small tractors and maintaining farm structures and equipment. But you already know this as being a child of a hard working farmer. And when is a better time to make something extra special for your dad then during Christmas days. But what to gift? Read our suggestions below that will surely help you steer away from the ordinary.

Give him a day off – Why not do all your dad’s chores for a day? Be a farmer and give your father a day off. Feed the animals, water the crops, clean the stables and other farming structures, unclutter his workshop and organize his tools. You can even build or buy a new shelving system to store all his farming tools such as sickle, pruning shares, edger, hoe, fork, hoses, etc. Work on a farm is tough, so your dad will surely be very grateful for such gift.

Buy new farming equipment – If your budget allows, why not surprise your dad with a small tractor. Yes, it is a huge investment, but it will be of great help to your dad. Quality farming equipment equals better productivity and higher profits. At the moment, small tractorsare very popular. Especially the ones manufactured in China. You probably think Chinese small tractorsare just a waste of money, but you cannot be further from the truth. China is one of, if not the biggest equipment producer. Reason – affordable small tractors, which are extremely durable, easy to maintain and very fuel efficient. Investing in one of Chinese small tractorsis a big investment though. If you do not have the means to realize this idea, team up with your sibling and share the expense or apply together for a farming loan and pay off tractor monthly..

DIY your own safety gift basket – Farming is not only a demanding occupation but a dangerous one as well. Your dad is constantly exposed to danger since he uses sharp tools and heavy equipment. And what about all those small tractorssharp-edged attachments. Safety is very important in farming and to reduce safety risks it is important to arm your dad with various safety gadgets. Create your own gift box filled with gloves, boots, west, First Aid kit, etc.

These are just some of the things you can buy for your dad this Christmas. Browse online for more interesting ideas and unique gifts that will We hope that helped you a bit to develop your imagination and choose an appropriate gift.


  • Stacie Peterson

    Nice ideas! It would be great to give safety gift basket to uncle Ken 🙂