The Ideal Hair Extensions Methods


Are you tired of your dull hair? There isn’t almost a single hair care product on the market that you haven’t tried and…nothing. Well, what if someone told you there is a more efficient and cost-effective way to add instant volume, length and shine to your hair. No way, you’d think. But there is and it’s called hair extensions. This is a great way to get a volumizing hair in just few hours or less.

However, before you start browsing online for wholesale hair extensions and then run off to your hair stylist, make sure your hair is a good candidate for extensions. If you have brittle and dry hair then additional stress imposed on it will only damage it more. If, however, you have healthy hair, then before you put your hair stylist to work, decide on which method of attachment will work best for you. Read on to learn more on the three hair extensions methods of attachment.

Strand by Strand – If you decide to go with this method know that this a process of attaching small sectional pieces of hair extensions to your own with the use of tubes or warm or cold keratin bonding. Thus, this method is divided into three subcategories – Tubing, Cold Fusion and Warm Fusion.

Tubing Technique is where your hair and extensions strands are put through a tube which is then closed in order to attach hair extensions. This is a less expensive method and less time-consuming process. However, this method of attachment puts more stress on your hair and causes friction which can damage your scalp and roots of your own hair.

Cold and Warm Fusion Techniques are safest of all since they don’t weight on hair as much and are basically undetectable. The only difference between the two methods is that in cold fusion method, keratin is not warmed. Also, since hair extensions attached with one of these techniques last the longest (for about 3-6 months or longer), they are the most costly of all methods.

Weft Technique is a method where extensions are sewn onto your natural hair. This is less time consuming attachment procedure and is thus less costly compared to strand by strand method. However, this method of attachment puts more stress on your own hair, may cause am allergic reaction and requires high maintenance.

Clip On Technique is is the most used and fastest method. This is also a temporary solution and is used on a day to day basis – you clip on your hair extensions in the morning and remove them before going to bed. The clip on extensions are very easy to use and do not require special maintenance, but are more appropriate for one-time occasion.

And there you are – the three methods of hair extensions attachment. According to many hair stylist and customers’ reviews, the ideal method would be cold fusion. However, whichever method of attachment you choose, consult hair stylist first, but do not trust just anyone. Do a little research and find the best hair extensions Melbourne salon before you have work done on your hair.