The Ideal Time For Log Book Service


Many people who have bought a new car have heard of the term log book service but few of them know what it actually stands for. While it may seem as irrelevant standard information this service is of great importance in preserving your car and keeping your warranty. Log books are documents provided by manufacturers that tell us exactly when we should take our car for a service and have it checked for any irregularities. Furthermore, log books hold specific guidelines that will help mechanics maintain your car in the safest state. These regular vehicle services include standard periodic repairs such as oil, tire change and similar. Avoiding log book service may seriously damage you car’s engine and reduce the mileage.

Now that we have briefly explained what log books are used for, it’s up to you to choose where you will take your car to do this kind of service. Usually, it is official manufacturers’ auto shops that have the expertise and experience to maintain you car. But sometimes, due to different factors like distance from your home and higher costs, we cannot afford to take our car to these certain auto service shops. It is a relief to say that you can take your car to other auto service shops to do your scheduled car service Melbourne mechanic shops are offered the possibility to obtain certificates for log book servicing. These certificates are approved by authorized institutions like Austwide Institute of Training. This means that you can find other mechanic shops that licensed to do your log book service at a lower price.

Some people doubt local auto shops when compared to official manufacturer mechanics and they have the right to do so. It is true that you’ll be more satisfied knowing that mechanic who repairs your car is specialized in doing so and has years of experience in this field. But you should be aware of the fact that most local mechanics who are licensed to do log book service are previous employees of official manufacturer shops. Having said so, they have the same, if not bigger experience in the field as they work with many different car brands.

Nevertheless, your choice of where you will entrust log book service is not that important as long as the mechanic who does the job has proper certificates. However, be aware of false certificates who will only cost you your warranty and limit engine performance for years to come.