Tips on Finding the Ideal Bonnet Protector for Your Nissan Navara

One of the best off-road vehicles that the Australian market has to offer is the Nissan Navara. It all started back in 1997 with the release of the D22 and its second series release that sported a diesel engine and an improved front end. Speaking of front ends, most Nissan Navara owners and off-road enthusiasts tend to invest into extra protection equipment, like a Nissan Navara bonnet protector to prevent possible damage to vehicle’s front end.

Nissan Navara bonnet protector,

Australia is known for having harsh conditions, including some pretty scary wildlife, which you can inspect to bump into on the road. So unless you like living life on the line, and don’t care about your vehicle, spending a few bucks on a Nissan Navara bonnet protector, as well as some flares should be a no-brainer decision.

You may ask yourself what makes these accessories essential. Well, simply said, they’re here to protect your vehicle by sweeping debris, bugs and even rocks into a stream, up and over your vehicle, ensuring your windshield stays intact. And since we’ve already concluded the importance of this investment, it’s crucial you make a well-informed decision. When buying a bonnet protector, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, if you want to ensure you get the best value out of your investment.

For starters, make sure it’s made for your Navara model specifically, including the year, so you can rest assured it perfectly matches its contours. Next, try to find a model that’s aerodynamic in medium to low profile, which ensures both stylishness and functionality for your Navara. The materials the bonnet protector is made of also matter, especially when it comes to durability. Acrylic is one of the top choices as it’s resistant to scratches, cracks and UV light.

You don’t have to shop from an official Nissan store to find a bonnet protector. There are a couple of third party (aftermarket) manufacturers that manufacture some of the best protectors that match your vehicle. Moreover, they typically come with a lower price tag, so it’s the type of investment that can really pay off in the long term. A lot of them understand the hassle of having modifications done to the vehicle to add accessories, so they manufacture no-drilling bonnet protectors to circle around that problem. This is perfect for inexperienced people that want to add the protector to their Navara without spending a fortune at a mechanic, and for people that don’t want to drill holes to their 4×4.