Trucks: Australian Road Freight Industry Overview Archive

Australia’s economy heavily depends on the road freight transport industry, the transport of non-bulk goods within states and across the country. The sector depends on the largest vehicles transporting goods between and across states, and this type of transport dominates the market because of the great reliability and competitive prices.

The road freight transport industry is in a constant competition with the rail freight, airfreight and water freight industries, successfully leading the market. An industry report from November 2014 shows that this sector includes approximately 43,000 businesses, has more than 193,000 employees, and generates around $54 billion in revenue. In other words, the road freight transport industry dominates the transport and storage sector when it comes to revenue and employment.

As a result of the high demand for road transport services, and the need to buy trucks, experts predict an annual growth of 5% in the following 5 years. That is, as the demand for “last mile” freight transport services increases, the need to buy trucks and light commercial vehicles rises as well.

If you are involved in the trucking business, regardless if you are a driver or a business owner, it is essential that you know the industry statistics and current market size. Being in tune with latest changes, new laws and regulations is of utmost importance for the success of your business. Our blog articles on the road freight transport will help you understand the market, the trends and potential growth. Stay updated with industry changes to make sure you recognize the opportunities and make right business decisions.

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