Which Features Make the Ideal Multi-Tool?

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, or the “fixer” among your group of friends and family, then you probably realize how difficult it is to fix things without having the right tool at hand. Having a shed of tools in your truck wherever you go is nice and all, but there’s a much more convenient alternative – multi-tools. Multi-tools allow you to fix anything, anywhere. Nowadays, there are countless of multi-tools, with a different combination of tools. So how do you decide on the right one?

Well, it’s oftentimes said that a multi-tool is as useful as your willingness and ability to carry it. You can own one with 50 tools, but if you can’t be arsed to carry it with you, those 50 tools are useless. That being said, figuring out which multi-tool is going to best fit in your everyday life is essential to picking the right one. Typically, multi-tools are categorised by their size, and you can pick between keychain, pocket and belt multi-tools.


Furthermore, something that’s worth considering is the brand. Leatherman is arguably the most popular multi-tool manufacturer that produces multi-tools for every occasion. Some of the more popular multi-tools they’ve manufactured over the years include the Leatherman Brewzer, Freestyle, Crunch, Carabiner, Carge AL, and many more.

All of the aforementioned tools feature a different combination of tools, from the small pry and beer opening capabilities of the Leatherman Brewzer, to the knife, hard-wire cutter, multiple screwdrivers, wire stripper and wood/metal file of the Leatherman Crunch. One of the benefits of looking for Leatherman multi-tools is that you can rest assured you won’t find models that have unnecessary features, such as flashlights.

Moreover, most Leatherman multi-tools are made of stainless-steel to ensure durability and reliability, because a multi-tool isn’t worth much if you can’t rely on it even in the most extreme conditions. As a general rule of thumb, anything that has “features” that are beyond the basic just adds complications. The exception to this may be interchangeable components such as saws and wire cutter blades.

However, you shouldn’t expect a multi-tool to completely replace a real tool. While multi-tools can come in handy in many situations, they can never outperform a real tool that was made for a specific purpose. With the multi-tool you basically get convenience and versatility at an affordable price for occasional use. So whether you’re looking for a simple beer opener with an extra handy feature or two, or a dozen handy-man tools, you’ll find a multi-tool that can do either, or both!