Chandelier: The Ideal Lighting Fixture for Every Room

You know those people who say they have stuff they only use on special occasions? Don’t be one of those people! Life itself is a special occasion, so every day should feel precious and celebrated like a holiday, and what better way to make happen than with the help of chandeliers?

Lighting plays a crucial role in the interior, as it enables to set the tone of the ambiance, it provides task light, accentuating light, romance light, but it’s the choice of fixture that matters in terms of interior décor. When you decide to buy ceiling light, you’re going to come across endless options, yet chandeliers always stand out.

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Great news is there is a wide range of chandeliers, varying in styles and sizes, so you can make your pick and add a bit of bling in every room. Just because they are glamorous pieces, there are still different levels of glamorous, meaning you’re sure to find the one for every room.

It’s usually either the entryway or the living room that get the transformation of a chandelier yet you can make your whole home fabulous letting this magnificent lighting fixture be the centrepiece everywhere, including the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

When it comes to the entryway, it’s natural you’re going to want to get a grand entrance, and this is where you should buy ceiling light that’s full of sparkling crystals. If you have tall ceiling, don’t be afraid to go for a large chandelier. Stepping into a home like that makes anyone feel like royalty.

Since the living room gets most of the traffic, with either family or friends’ gatherings, it’s a great way to make them more memorable with a smaller elegant piece that’s a mixture of metal and glass and brings about an antique flair.

As for the dining room, regardless of the table you have, square, long rectangular, or circular, two chandeliers does light up the place well for all the meals, and the outcome is a fun one. You can take fun a step further, personalise the space by adding different chandeliers, or get a greater impact with a matching look.

Are you up for something modern? The kitchen is the perfect place for a bit of playfulness, to lower the utilitarian feel, which is why a modern fixture, like Lindsey Adelman’s branching bubble, is a welcome choice: you have enough task light for preparing the meals and doing the dishes, and at the same time you have a piece that spices the interior.

The bedroom, as the room where you unwind and relax, requires the chandelier to enhance the intimacy, and the polished nickel might be the material you need to turn the bedroom into a sanctuary with the feel of a five-star hotel.

Ready for luxurious baths and showers? Don’t forget to hang a chandelier above the bathtub or right beside the shower cabin and prepare to be dazzled.