Cold Drinks in Bed: Choosing the Ideal Bar Fridge for the Bedroom

Imagine you’re about to chill under your soft duvet with a good book and then you realize you forgot to get something cold to sip on. Are you going to hop out of bed and go across the house just to grab your refreshment? Not very likely, right? Well, I made sure this kind of scenario doesn’t happen to me anymore – the bar fridge next to my bed is always stocked with sparkling water, a bottle of wine, some beer for my hubby, and there’s even room for my anti-ageing creams. What’s more, I can also use it as a cool nightstand – a win – win!

But before I could get to enjoy my icy drinks in bed, I had to do plenty of digging in the online world to find a fridge according to my taste. You see, the thing with bar fridges is that they look so boring nowadays – a plain aluminium box with a glass door. I just couldn’t imagine having to store my expensive wine in something that looks like a washing machine. What I actually wanted was something that will give off no clue as to what amazing things hide inside, just so I can surprise my hubby with a sweet treat or special drink every now and then.

bedroom fridge

So, if there’s something I’ve learned from buying clothes, is that if you don’t like the current fashion trends – go retro. Or in this case, I went with a Holden bar fridge with a sleek retro curved design, a non-transparent door, and in a mysterious, sexy black colour. An absolute triumph for my bedroom featuring dark, muted colours. But of course, the same Holden bar fridge also comes in a variety of other colours, like for instance bright red if you’re one that wants to give the space a certain oomph.

Just like with regular fridges, there are different designs of bar fridges as well, from sleek modern ones to the charming, vintage gems like mine. So, I’m sure that if you take the time, you too can find a model that will fit well in your bedroom. However, besides its appearance, you should also consider how functional it is going to be in terms of storage. My fridge in particular, has a capacity of 70L – more than enough to cater to my and my husbands needs. But the nice thing about bar fridges is that they are portable, so if you want to be able to take yours outside for a barbecue party, consider models with 110L capacity or more.

For added convenience, make sure to look inside the fridge as well. Several shelves and separate compartments can be a very convenient organization solution. Of course, in the bedroom where it’s dark most of the time, a fridge with interior lights can help you make sure that you don’t end up taking a sip from a cough medicine instead of a beer. Another good tip is to pick an energy-efficient model that will help reduce your electricity costs to some extent if you plan to leave it running 24/7. Oh, and I almost forgot! Make sure you pick one that’s silent enough as to not disturb your sleep. Night, night!